Biurko Gorri

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One of the oldest Organic certified producer in the most renowned wine producing region of Spain, La Rioja, and the only cellar chosen by the European Union to participate in a project focused on the elimination of the sulfurous anhydride SO2, using natural products instead

The wines are produced with the indigenous grapes Tempranillo, Garnacha and Graciano. This last grape can only be found in La Rioja and represents only a 2% of the total of grapes cultivated in this DO, but a 20% of our vineyards, it is very difficult to harvest and produce this grape, that is why the harvesters say: “Graciano, gracias, no” (Graciano, no thanks).
Biurko wines are known to be clean and straight fruity wines.



Canopy is among the top wineries producing organic wines and recuperating old garnachas located at high altitude in the beautiful "Sierra de Gredos”. Belarmino Fernandez and Alfonso Chacon are the authors of this wines that, as Michel Bettane said in Shanghai, represent the “renaissance of wines in Spain”. The vision of these oenologists, interested in what the terroir and the grape represent rather than the commercial aspects, has placed their wines at the same level as the best French wines and perfectly tuned with the term “vin de garage”. 

The passion in producing authentic wines is transmitted from the land to the bottle by selecting the best vines, with ridiculously low productions, clearly identifying each plot with only one or two barrels, and blending them in the bottle to create a fantastic wine in each category.




In the Hoces del Cabriel National Park a 2.500 year old Iberian cellar has been discovered. Our vineyards are in the same exact location of this millennial cellar, we are producing our wines trying to imitate the techniques used at that time, like growing local grapes, aging in terracotta amphorae and using organic procedures: the land, the winery and the production methods are all organic. Pesticides have never been used making the soil to be alive.

The vineyard consists on indigenous grapes that have been growing in this lands for thousands of years, like the trendy Bobal and the unique Garnacha Tintorera, the only red grape with red flesh. All these produces distinctive and attractive wines which are continuously awarded.




22 hectares are the base of our family bodega. Love for the lands and our roots, and respect for the traditions and customs in the heart of El Bierzo.

El Bierzo is a trendy and emerging wine region that surprises you when less expected. Important wine figures like Raul Perez, the world’s best oenologue, produce their finest wines here. 

Our Cobertizo wines are produced with the indigenous Mencia (reds, 60 year vines) and Godello (white, 50 year vines), complying with the organic production procedures and beyond, with extremely low sulfites, far lower than the European ecological standard limits. Old vineyards like ours, need all the process to be done manually.