Why Ardoa’s selection?


Spanish for terroir; "terruno" is the soil, climate and the varietal working together that form our authentic wines. We are driven by these three factors that represent the local grape adapted over thousands of years to make each one authentic and a true hidden gem.

Why Ardoa’s selection?

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To go one step further in selecting a range of wines as different and original as possible, we have listened to winemakers in their crazy ideas and have risked to promote wines with innovative production methods, like a patented fermentation process to almost eliminate sulfites, or recuperating antique winemaking techniques that age 2500 years, to mention some.

Why Ardoa’s selection?


We trust in our people, in the expertise of each of them, from the pruner to the winemaker to the sale rep.  We are pioneering in organizing a collaborative team of cellars so from the vineyard to the market each person offers his best to reach the final consumer sharing costs of production, operation and promotion. Individual expertise, shared efforts, direct wines.